Books published

1991    Dhutara Fule: A Collection of Poems (written in Bengali), published by Shahita Parishad, Khulna, Bangladesh (Out of Print)

1996    English Literature: Perspective and Criticism (written in Bengali), published by Open Studies, Bangladesh Open University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

1999    Bengali Poet Fakir Lalon Shah: Oral Poetry and Tradition in the Social Context of Contemporary Bangladesh, published by Indiana University, USA (Original from Indiana    University and digitized in the Google library on 11 June 2009)

2003    A Collection of Literary Essays (written in English), published by Bangladesh Writers Association, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2011    Rudyard Kipling’s Theory of White Man’s Burden (written in English), in the process of publication

Books accepted for publication

2013    Folklore, Culture, and Literature (written in Bengali), in the process of publication by Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh

1996    Rudyard Kipling and Imperialism (written in English) to be published by Bijoy Prokash, Banglabazar, Dhaka